Fadi Boulos

Hi there!

My name is Fadi Boulos. I'm Business Director at Born Interactive, helping grow the company's Web, Mobile and Social Media business.

Until December 2015, I was Pre-Sales Manager at Setelia, working on a variety of mobile apps and web projects in Beirut. Previously, I was Mobile Application Manager of Orange's most downloaded app - Orange TV - which I managed end-to-end on Android and Windows Phone platforms. I've also worked as an R&D Engineer at Witbe focusing on QoS and QoE metrics for IPTV.

In February 2010, I earned a Ph.D. in Image and Video Communication from the University of Nantes. My research topic was "Image and Video Transmission over Packet Erasure Networks: Protection Mechanisms and Optimization of Perceived Quality". You can find more information about this on my publications page.

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